3 Painful but Powerful Lessons I Learnt From My Divorce

Nov 18, 2021

As I reflect on this, I can feel the tears welling up inside my eyes and my heart, and it's not because it's the first time I’ve thought about it. I’ve actually thought about this many times and I have a list of 100 lessons from my divorce that I’ve made and picked 3 feels like such a challenge.

However, that’s still not what’s making me emotional, the tears are coming because, despite the sting of it that I still feel at times, I feel immense gratitude. I feel a powerful wave of gratitude to my LORD arising from deep within my soul for the growth HE has granted me and for the person, HE has made me as a result of my divorce and I am overwhelmed by it all. I am overwhelmed by the gifts and treasures that came wrapped up in the pain, brokenness, and hurt.

I asked my LORD for strength, the strength of faith, I asked my LORD for sincerity, sincerity to HIM, I asked my LORD for love, love for HIM and I asked for a million other things but never did I...

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