Assalamu alaikum and a very warm welcome to the 


The Healing and Thriving Garden


It's time to let go of all the negativity, love yourself, transform your life and let your soul shine!



Wishing you could unlock your full potential?  


Wishing you could align with your true purpose defined by ALLAH?  


Wishing you could start living all those dreams that you've imagined in your head?  




Are you ready to embark on a soul journey that will help you live your dream life and strengthen your connection with ALLAH?  


Are you ready to stop hiding, really unleash your creativity, and start living your fullest potential? 

Now is the time to live from your soul & fulfill the purpose that ALLAH created you for. 


Make a difference. Live your dreams. Start your #SoulpreneurLife.

Maryam Crystal Fisher  - USA

"Before I worked with Maryam I was facing many challenges. I was emotionally stunned and couldn't see past my current circumstances and dreaming of a better future seemed like a waste or time. I wanted a deeper connection with Allah (swt). I was in the thick of experiencing symptoms of trauma while suffering with physical pain and loneliness. I wanted more out of my life and didn't know how.

So when Maryam came into the scene with a clear path and message about connecting to our Rabb, I found this was exactly what I needed. Other coaches tend to focus solely on the psychological blocks we face, while Dr Maryam also gives attention and focus to the spiritual side.

I took part in The Healing and Thriving Garden program and found it very beneficial. Her live episodes were accessible and easy to follow. The group of ladies that I was with in the program were very much inspired to do the difficult healing work. We bounced ideas off one another and really pushed ourselves/each other. We were encouraged to share our Journal prompts and each sister bought something very insightful to the discussion that helped us all heal collectively.

My relationship with ALLAH has changed for the better. I rely on my Rabb and feel more confident in my faith now, AlhamduLILLAH.
Emotionally I am more confident in myself. I give myself time to heal, time to breathe. Before I used to push myself because I placed all of my self-worth in how hard I worked. Through coaching with Dr Maryam, I've learned to find balance and trust in ALLAH (swt) and myself. I give myself rest when it's needed.
I have become more organised and efficient in the way I execute my daily tasks.
My coaching with Maryam has helped me to always give my worries to ALLAH before I make a plan.

The program helped me to transform my relationships by recognising my self worth based on my Rabb and not based on societal or cultural pressures. This has allowed me to seek and develop new relationships as well as strengthen old one's.

The program has allowed me to make more use of my time. I have a routine and still allow myself time for something creative as an outlet for selfcare.

Since working with Maryam I have been working towards my goals. I created a vision board in the program and I've achieved most of the goals that I've put on it. I got married had a child and became more focused. The vision board allowed me to clearly see what my heart was asking for. I got married and had a child!

The pace, amount of work and level of depth in the program at the time was perfect. I was single and had an excess of time on my hands. Now, with my current circumstances it's very difficult go make time. I would need less of a workload/time filler.

I would definitely recommend Maryam to other sisters! Maryam really knows how to go deep. This isn't surface level coaching! And the money spent is definitely worth it!"

Maryam Crystal Fisher - USA



Just 6 years ago, I was feeling trapped in my job, angry, frustrated and fed up, feeling like I was wasting precious time and skills and not really fulfilling the purpose that ALLAH created me for and feeling resentful towards my family for getting me stuck in this 'respectful' job as a doctor where I felt like a bird with strong angel-type wings trapped in a cage. To make matters worse, my marriage ended in a divorce and I spiralled into grief and depression. That was when I was at my lowest and felt completely alone, lost, and full of anger towards the world.

With ALLAH's help and the aid of good friends and coaches I slowly started my healing journey and one day...

I decided it was time to stop feeling angry and instead own my life and live from the soul.

I knew I wanted to change, I was desperate to change. I didn't want to be full of anger, hurt and resentment. I didn't want to feel like other people controlled what I do with my life. I didn't want to let all the naysayers put me down and make me feel rubbish about myself. I didn't want to feel stuck and trapped in myself. I knew ALLAH had given me the ability to do big things and I really wanted to do them and make a difference. I didn't want to be stuck in drama and repeating the same thing over and over again. I wanted to stop self-sabotaging and actually do what I say I want to do.

I knew I wanted to do something so I could have the freedom my heart desired and feel fulfilled and nourished but the problem was I didn't know how.

Eventually, I realised what I was doing wrong. I was repeating the same patterns over and over again and not focusing on ALLAH and what would fulfill my soul, my passion and make the best use of my talents. I realised I needed help and that something needed to change!  

So I sought help from ALLAH and ALLAH alone. I found a coach that had similar values to me who helped me to get back in touch with my soul. I started nurturing and strengthening my connection to ALLAH alone and that is when I started seeing results.

Everything changed the day I realised that if I connect with ALLAH anything is possible.


  • The day I told myself I was going to use the talents ALLAH had given me to shine, not hide. 

  • The day I started believing in myself and my dream

  • The day I made dua and found the right coach who helped me uncover my unique way of making a difference and making money at the same time. 

  • The day I made a firm decision to not walk, but fly towards my dream

  • The day I booked umrah and 3 amazing holidays all in one year

  • The day I unleashed my creativity and started showing the world the real me.

  • The day that was the start of me booking paid clients and launching group programs successfully.


Today I can say that I am grateful for that journey, all the 'wrong' coaches, all the time and money spent, all the pain and frustration of feeling trapped and confused because now I have the knowledge, personal experience, emotional resilience, and skills to help you on your journey to make a difference and become the soulpreneur ALLAH wants you to be.



Don't just fly - but soar like the free soul you are inside.

Take the leap of faith and start flying towards your soulful life!

It's time to release all that negativity inside you. It's time to shine from your soul.

If you want to change your life. Change it! Only you can!
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Whether you are...

  • dreaming about escaping that prison of negative thinking and emotions & finally starting a soul-fulfilling life with a strong connection with ALLAH
  • an anxious soul thinking: 'What if this is how it's meant to be?', 'What if I'm not meant to be happy like others?', 'What if I never fulfil the purpose ALLAH has created me for?', 'What if I'm being ungrateful?' 
  • a Muslimah whose heart has been broken once too many times and she wishes she could just change the way her relationships are working for her and heal herself
  • a spiritual Muslimah who has tried a few non-Muslim coaches but feels like they just don't get her or what she is about and her mission in life or in the akhirah 
  • a passionate & creative soul feeling trapped inside herself unable to make the most of her talents, gifts and ambitions
  • a sister who is just yearning to be surrounded by like-minded sisters who 'get her' and are also aiming high like her because she feels like an alien around the people she is within her life and like she is abnormal with all her ambitions and hopes.


 I understand you DEAR ONE.

Lalla Cisse - Belgium

"Working with Maryam was a life-changing experience.

I have released so much tension and emotional pain from inside of and I have started journaling and analyzing my thoughts and I found out that I had to slow down literally and be in the moment SubhanAllah. I was living my life like a Duracell rabbit. And thinking that society wanted me to live a certain way while I was living my life on a fast mode and not being aware of the things around me, not being aware of my feelings and thoughts. I didn’t know what clearing those blocks and healing my deep emotions would do for me. I am now more in touch with myself, my body and my soul. I have decided to listen more to my body and myself. I’ve gained so many new insights in my personal life and career to finally achieve my goals.

Maryam has the ability to connect with her clients at a deep soul level mashaAllah. After our coaching sessions, I always feel so relieved and I am able to put things in perspective alhamdullilah. She is so amazing and gifted mashaAllah tbarkAllah. Whenever I have a session with her I get new insights and strategies that have helped me achieve miracles in my life alhamdullilah and that’s not an exaggeration. I was broken, single, lonely and stuck in a job I hated. I kept thinking about all my dreams and didn’t know how to make them happen. I felt they were impossible but after working with Maryam and using the tools she gave me so much changed in my life. I found my ideal spouse and got married, I left the job that was making me miserable and by ALLAH’s mercy found a much more happier job and started my online business which was my dream since forever. Maryam’s tips on how to heal myself, how to think, how to make dua and vision boarding helped me get my dream apartment and it was exactly the way I had imagined it. I just couldn’t believe how all these things happened for me after just a few coaching sessions. Maryam was encouraging during my spiritual journey, I felt that she understood me where I came from and where I could go to Subhanallah. I felt so connected with Allah SWT after working with her. I am so glad that Allah swt brought her on my path, alhamdullilah. Where I thought things were impossible Allah swt made it POSSIBLE and Maryam showed me how Subhanallah. May Allah swt bless you continuously sis. ameen. You are an amazing person. I thank Allah for having put you on my path.

AFTER THE HEALING AND THRIVING GARDEN PROGRAM to live life from the soul you will have:  

  • a stronger connection with ALLAH so that you naturally develop the courage and motivation to chase your dreams despite all the naysayers
  • a happier, more joyful and purposeful life which is lived from the soul
  • a clear vision of your core values and what your dream life looks like so that you are never confused about what to do again
  • a unique spiritual mindset to help you manage your emotions so that you can express and heal them as well as attract the blessings ALLAH has in store for you without subconsciously sabotaging your own happiness and success 
  • a better level of self-love, self-care and self-esteem and a healthier relationship with your body
  • improved and more balanced and happy relationships with clear boundaries so you don' have to feel unappreciated ever again
  • more control over your time and much less procrastination
  • learn how to start unleashing your creativity and passion and how to start having fun

Right now you have done all you can...


You've tried your best to change things, you feel exhausted and maybe even broken and hurt, you just wish you could change the way life keeps repeating itself without you achieving anything, you get overwhelmed by your emotions and sometimes feel like no one appreciates everything that you do, maybe you've even started a business but are not making any money from it, 


Listen sis...


You can't do this on your own. I tried and it cost me 6 years of my life, feeling 'stuck and trapped' not knowing how to make the most of myself


And I really do care about you and I don't want you to keep banging your head against a brick wall like me. I want to give you 3 easy steps to follow as you start your healing & growth journey to your full potential.

Step 1

Strengthen your connection with ALLAH. Build your spiritual mindset.

Step 2

Start healing your soul, your emotions, and your relationships.

Step 3

Make better use of your time, have clarity and unleash your passion and creativity.

Accelerate your soulpreneur journey towards your dream life which is lived from the soul on your way to entering jannah.



'Believe me, I wish I could have had this kind of spiritual and emotional healing support when I started my healing & growth journey.'


I went from one coach to the next, from one webinar to the next, wasted £10,000 on coaches that were not spiritually aligned with me and made my emotional situation worse, leaving me stuck for longer than I had ever planned.

Never mind all the heartbreak and confusion it all caused. I was working away at myself doing what these coaches were telling me, only to end up divorced, broken and even more confused at the end of it all.

I know there are so many coaches out there and so many packages you could try, but I really believe that The Healing and Thriving Garden is very unique.

It's not another one of those programs because I have put all my knowledge, life and soul into making sure this program meets the unique needs of creative soulful Muslimahs like you whose needs cannot be catered for by anyone and everyone and I promise to give you my level best.

This course is a combination of everything I have learned as a:

➡ Medical doctor

➡ Islamic studies aalima

➡ Personal development enthusiast

➡ Art and journaling for healing work 

➡ My own personal journey of finding my soul after being broken and lost

A lot of the teachings are derived from Imam Ghazali and Ibn Al-Qayyim's books and works 

So, it's a soulful and Islamic perspective to healing our hearts, purifying our souls and living as our best selves combined with modern-day psychology, Islamic psychology and art and healing therapies.

I can honestly say that I haven't seen a comprehensive course combining all these elements.

Believe me, you will be getting more than your money's worth in value. I have spent tens of thousands of pounds to learn everything I will be covering, and this is the third time running the course. I am keeping the prices low so that sisters don't miss out on this chance to grow into the best version of themselves and really shine from their souls inshaALLAH.

I hope you will not miss out on this opportunity that ALLAH has brought your way - should you feel a calling towards a more fulfilled, joyful and purposeful life from the soul, connected to your LORD.

Zahabiyya Qureshi - UK

"I was nervous and sat on the bench for a bit and was quite scared to take these steps and book onto life coaching sessions. I’ve never invested money on myself. When you spend money on something that isn’t a physical item I think it’s harder but alhamdulillah honestly I am so so glad I did this. It was one of the best investments I have made for myself. If you are hesitant about this don’t be. Take that first step. From the onset sister, Maryam dug deep. She had an amazing holistic approach to help tackle my underlying issues. She combined Islam and her psychological knowledge to really understand my deeper issues. I love the way she focuses on Allah set and as a Muslimah, I can really connect. I cannot believe in just 3 coaching sessions the difference it has made to me alhamdulillah.. I have techniques I can use for life now to help me and I am able to alhamdulillah control my emotions better and have better self-awareness. My compassion towards myself and self-care and self-love have increased and my feelings of guilt decreased. Alhamdullilah sister Maryam genuinely cares about her clients and is one of a kind.

I wrote this poem after conquering a very long-standing challenge in my life for which Maryam was the catalyst:

“What once seemed like a distant dream I conquered,
That kept me away from my sweet sleep,
..It completely overtook me
Made my heart race, my head spin
BUT I didn’t let it win…
I conquered

Thoughts entered my clouded mind,
I was so lost that I could not try,
Yet, I conquered.

He guided me, my Rabb, to achieve
He gave me strength and changed my belief
Which was once an impossibility
Is now achieved
My Rabb
He helped me conquer it.”

 Zahabiyya Qureshi - UK

Take the leap of faith and start flying towards your soulful life!

It's time to release all that negativity inside you. It's time to shine from your soul.

If you want to change your life, change it! Only YOU can!
Hurry before the time runs out! Use your ACTIONATAKERGIFT CODE and...


And get £247 OFF (pay £750) for The Healing and Thriving Garden Program + FREE ACCESS to the (Unleash Your Soulpreneur Potential Business Crash Course) if you join before day 7 of the challenge ends


I hear you saying...'So, what exactly is ON OFFER?'

With The Healing and Thriving Garden Program, you will get 10 modules...


Laying the Foundations

  • How to strengthen your soul's connection with ALLAH and recognise HIS call for you to live your purpose and go to the next level in your life so you can feel passionate and motivated
  • Set powerful intentions for your life & for the program
  • Explore the meaning of La Ilaha Illa ALLAH and what that means for you and your choices in different areas of your life.
  • Starting with the end in mind and becoming more God-conscious in your everyday action or in-action
  • Discovering the core values that you want to uphold in every area of your life
  • Connect with your innermost desires and find unique and creative ways of making your dream come true and connecting with your true self.

Letting go, decluttering and making space

  • The art of letting go and why it's so important from a spiritual and personal development perspective.
  • Removing everything that isn't serving you in every area of life.
  • Declutter digitally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Purify all areas of your life in all the different ways.
  • Art exercise to experience letting go

Heal your soul.

  • Exploring your daily routine, establishing new habits and exploring how you can be more soulful.
  • Explore your relationship with Salah and how to maximise the spiritual, mental and emotional benefits you are getting from it
  • How to enjoy proximity and love with your LORD.
  • Enrich yourself with soulful worship and the different ways of doing this.
  • Duas and azkaar to heal the soul
  • Artwork on soul portraits

Heal your heart and your emotions

  • The reasons behind anger and resentment and how to heal these diseases of the heart
  • How to forgive and develop better relationships with yourself and others.
  • The reasons that are stopping you from moving forward in your life and how to express and heal these
  • Developing love, contentment and happiness in your life and the daily habits that contribute towards this.
  • How to snap out of those moments when you're feeling negative, down and depressed
  • Exercises to express and release emotions
  • Forgiveness worksheets
  • Art therapies for self-discovery

Heal Your Passion & Unleash Your Creativity

  • Laying the foundations for living a more soulful life in touch with your passions
  • How to start shifting into living your passions rather than forcing yourself to compromise
  • Why creativity is important if you want to live your full potential and how to go about it even if you think you're not creative.

Heal your body

  • Developing loving energy in your body and changing your spiritual perspective on your body
  • Developing new eating habits and nourishing your body with nurturing food
  • A spiritual perspective on eating and the sunnah of eating and health
  • Exercises and tips for loving your body and keeping it nourished and energized
  • The one thing that stops people from losing weight or developing a new exercise habit
  • Artfully finding your way to a fit and healthy body

Heal your mind

  • Develop a non-wavering mindset that pushes you to action even when you don't feel like it
  • How to heal the diseases of the mind that keep holding you back 
  • Explore the negative beliefs that are blocking you from having success and how to remove these beliefs
  • How to become a master of your thoughts and get through those times when your emotions stop you from moving forward 
  • I will share with you the unique spiritual mindset routine that brings me closer to ALLAH and helps me think in a way that attracts abundance, happiness and joy


Heal your relationships

  • How to create love, empathy and warmth in your relationships
  • Facing up to and taking ownership of your difficult relationships
  • Nurture more love and understanding with communication tips
  • The sunnah methods of improving relationships and duas to help you
  • How to deal with negative or abusive people who are always putting you down
  • How to set clear boundaries so you don't keep feeling unappreciated
  • Understanding love and intimacy

Heal your time

  • Why time is so important for you to achieve your goals.
  • A spiritual and scientific look at the time and how you can keep it under your control
  • Time in the Quran and sunnah
  • How to increase the blessings in your time and expand your time
  • Exploring the relationship you have with time through art-exercises 
  • How to take control of your time and managing it more appropriately 
  • Practical tips to become more productive

Wrap up and next steps 

  • Identifying the unique gifts that ALLAH has given you and how the world needs your unique input 
  • Shaping the future and take home messages
  • Outline your unique purpose in life and what that entails
  • Self-analysis and appraisal
  • Delving deeper and exploring further the areas where you want more improvement
  • Remember if you talk to everyone you talk to no one but if you talk to one person who is the right person then you talk to everyone 
  • Remove all confusion and overwhelm and have a clear strategic plan to follow to rocket launch your goals


Let's change those money patterns and find the root causes of your pain in your childhood.

Heal Your Childhood

  • Hold your inner little girl's hand so she can help you unleash  
  • Childhood emotional neglect and how it may be affecting you
  • The mother wound and how to heal it in a balanced & spiritual way
  • How grieving is the key to healing  your childhood
  • Healing your deepest pain to unleash your potential

Heal Your Finances

  • Laying down the spiritual foundations of rizq & money
  • Understanding your money story and how it affects you
  • Spiritual wealth mindset tips to keep you in abundance
  • Resources to help you keep account of your finances

Siti Noor Murni  - UK

"I knew Maryam through facebook when I came across her live facebook and it came at the right time when I needed a change into my life. I decided to take coaching with her and I felt so comfortable sharing some really sensitive issues because she is so responsible and makes you feel so comfortable. She walked through things together with me and if I had any questions she would answer them according to the Quran and sunnah and explain psychological concepts in that way which was different to anything I had seen before.

There is a lot of coaching online but I chose Maryam because I realised after a few sessions and workshops with her, that the transformation that occurred was at a deep soul level and building that foundation from inside out is really something that everyone must do.

All the while I thought I can get all the motivation I need by just reading motivational books and applying them in in my life but I still felt something was missing and it was only after coaching with Maryam that I realised I needed to nourish my soul first. Her materials and methods that she used alongside and during coaching always relate back to the teachings of the Quran and sunnah which really touched me at a soul level. I learnt to give importance to myself and how to renew self-love which is important to ones self. She helped me make a deep connection with Allah which is the only guarantee for success in the Duniya and akhirah. My favourite workshop with her is The Dare to Dream Workshop in which I learn about visualization, setting golas and doing my own vision board. I absolutely loved it! It was a truly powerful lesson and workshop."  

Siti Noor Murni - Indonesia


Are you ready to start making the money you need to live your dreams and travel the world?

You see, I am passionate about helping women become financially independent and start taking steps to their own freedom and financial stability so that they can start living the life of their dreams...

I am offering you FREE ACCESS to my 'Unleash Your Soulpreneur Potential Business Crash Course' which is a series of videos on how to start your coaching business journey online. 

I will share with you the exact steps I took to set up my business:

  • What is the FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT step? (people get this wrong)
  • Money mindset and wealth consciousness training
  • How to use the power of your subconscious mind
  • How to use your emotional super power in your business
  • How to create client flow and start working with new clients every day
  • How to manage your energy
  • Next steps you can take to accelerate your business


Don't miss out on this wonderful free bonus opportunity to start creating financial freedom in your life from the comfort of your own home. 

However, due to limits on my time I can only offer this bonus to people who pay in full before day 7 of the Unleash Your Soul's Potential Challenge ends.

What makes The Healing and Thriving Garden different?

Coaching nd Psychological Concepts Based directly on the Quran and Sunnah

  • Direct Quranic References to guide you through your journey
  • No need to feel like you are compromising on your deen by starting this kind of personal development work.
  • No need to worry about being brainwashed into non-Muslim psychology that might affect your akhirah.
  • Teachings and concepts directly from hadith and scholars like Ibn Al-Qayyim and Imam Ghazali.

Art Therapies and Self-discovery and Journaling Prompts

  • Using art to express and heal some of those subconscious beliefs and emotions 
  • Shaping the future by using art and visioning exercises
  • Guided worksheets to work through certain  difficult emotions like anger and long-held resentment
  • Art journaling prompts and creative exercises for self-discovery, expression, and healing
  • How to use journaling for achieving your goals and accountability
  • Delving deeper and exploring further the areas where the usual talking and writing therapies fail by using art self-discovery exercises

Guided Meditations, Spiritual Azkaar and Duas

  • Guided meditations on healing pain, connecting to your soul, gratitude and other areas of life. 
  • Special duas for different situations and how you can start using them to help you and improve your situation.
  • Dhikr of ALLAH and different aspects and ways in which it can help you with stress/anxiety in your life.
  • How to use your body to manage your emotions and your anxiety.

The Healing and Thriving Garden is for you if...

  • you want to finally be free of all the negative energy and emotions that you have been carrying
  • you firmly believe that ALLAH has created you to fulfill a specific purpose on this Earth
  •  you have big goals in life and you know you have huge potential - if only you would let it out
  • you want to start feeling more joyful, happy and abundant in your life
  • you want to heal yourself so you can be the best version of yourself before your LORD.
  •  you are a courageous soul willing to explore and go to the next level of your life
  • you are willing to invest in yourself and get the guidance you need to start this journey to your dream life on a firm and clear footing


This program is NOT for you if... 

  • you are happy with the mundane existence that you are living and believe that that is what ALLAH created you to do on this Earth (stay in your prison)
  • you think you can do it all yourself and google your way to happiness and serenity (come back when you are truly ready to change your life) 
  • you are not fussed about making a difference or strengthening your connection with ALLAH and just want to be ordinary (carry on doing what you're doing)  
  •  you want to sit on the side and admire other people's success and not take ownership of your own life (keep on watching and drooling) 


Either you... 

Feel inspired and get the nurturing support you need to start your soulful and purposeful life.  

Find the courage and fly with those strong angel-type wings that you have. Make the difference ALLAH created you for. Break away from the cage of negative thoughts and emotions and roam the skies making your dreams come true, have fun and do umrah and hajj. Let go of thinking you're not good enough and believe in the gifts and talents that ALLAH has given you. 



Stay stuck in the prison that you've been in for the last few years and give other people the power to decide what you do every day of your life. Keep dreaming of all your goals but never have the courage to make them a reality. Keep trying quick fixes and stay stuck in the rut you're in while you overwhelm yourself and waste your time and effort. Keep on feeling disconnected from who you really are and live a life on other people's terms.

Take the leap of faith and start flying towards your soulful life!

It's time to release all that negativity inside you. It's time to shine from your soul.

If you want to change your life, change it! Only YOU can!
Hurry before the time runs out! Use your ACTIONATAKERGIFT CODE and...


And get £247 OFF (pay £750) for The Healing and Thriving Garden Program + FREE ACCESS to the (Unleash Your Soulpreneur Potential Business Crash Course) if you join before day 7 of the challenge ends


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