Tell Me Why

Episode #1

All praise is to ALLAH and the best of peace and blessings upon HIS Messenger. Welcome sisters to the Soulpreneur Life Podcast by Dr. Maryam Akram for high achieving Muslimah professionals looking to connect deeply with their LORD and use that connection to unleash their potential in life and business creating a legacy that will benefit them in this world and the next. As per the tradition of the scholars, I start off my podcast by discussing my intention for this podcast and also beckon you to reflect upon your intention in your business. How can you align your business with your spiritual values? How can you make it part of your spiritual purpose? How can your business become an act of worship that not only draws you closer to ALLAH but also brings you wealth in this world? How amazing is it that as Muslims we have the best of both worlds available to us from our Rabb? And what best way to ask HIM for success in both, then to ask HIM, our LORD by the Quranic dua: Rabbana aatina fid dunya hasana wa fil aakhirati hasana wa qina adhaban naar. Oh our LORD grant us good in this world and good in the next world and save us from the punishment of hell. Ameen ya Rabb. As you listen to this episode make note of the epiphanies and aha moments that come to you and the insights that ALLAH opens up for you and then share them in the comments inshaALLAH. I look forward to reading them. Lastly, help me in my mission to reach a million sisters with my message and spread the khayr by sharing this episode on your social media and inviting your friends and family to listen in. JazakumuLLAHu khairan. Your sister and coach on your journey to your Rabb, Maryam