Greatest Enemy of Your Business

Episode #2

Oh I’ve been there sis, in that place where the reason why you tell yourself the reason why my business isn’t working is because.. My husband isn’t supporting me My toddler doesn’t let me do any work I have too many responsibilities My family is too big and there’s too much to do I have so much housework to do I just don’t have the time But then there comes a point when you eventually realise that none of these things are the the true enemy of your business. And that actually the enemy within yourself is bigger and then you realise that it’s actually those unhealed parts of you and that inner critic fed and nurtured by your greatest enemy that stop you from showing up in your business. And as soon as you identify that greatest enemy, you immediately have the tools to fight them, to beat them and to win in life and in business. Because as you know, fighting a battle against an unidentified hidden enemy is impossible. However, once you know and find the enemy the battle though still hard becomes much easier to win. Listen in, so you know who the enemy is and how to fight them!