Why Mumpreneurs Need Boundaries

Episode #3

Boundaries can literally make or break our business or our life. We can shift between the extremes of giving all our time to our business and at the expense of our spiritual values, our spouses, our children and our community duties OR we can be that person who keeps saying ‘Yes’ to everything else at the expense of our business. None of these situations are ideal. As spiritual Muslimah entrepreneurs, we want to find that sweet balance between our business, our family, our spirituality and all our other obligations that allows us to use our gifts to serve others whilst maintaining our other roles and responsibilities. In this episode I discuss the root cause of boundaries being compromised and how to fix it to achieve balance and why it is important for us to thrive both in life and in business. Listen up to find out more and if you find it useful do share the episode with other sisters and leave me a comment. JazakiLLAHu khairan. Enjoy!