Assalamu alaikum and a very warm welcome to the 


One Year Transformational Art & Journaling Healing Course


Within the Framework of Islamic Spirituality & Psychology

It's time to get the creative juices flowing as you heal yourself, express your deep emotions and dive deep into your soul.


Wishing you could heal your emotions?

Wishing you could understand what is going on inside of you?

Wishing you knew who the real you is without the layers?


Are you ready to embark on a self-discovery journey guided by Islamic resources that will strengthen your connection with ALLAH?

Are you ready to stop hiding from yourself, face your inner parts and start living your fullest potential?

Are you ready to heal the wounds within your soul?


Now is the time to start exploring your soul, to truly start healing yourself and connecting to the purpose that ALLAH created your soul for.

Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Art it Out. Journal.

Unleash your #CREATIVITY.

STOP lying to yourself, STOP putting yourself down, STOP waiting for THAT day. It will never come!

Invest in yourself now and start your creative healing journey. Allow yourself some fun.

If you want to get arty and heal. Art it out now! Only you can!

Imagine if you could:

  • Use your creativity to heal yourself and remove negative emotions

  • Work with your artistic nature to find your connection with your soul

  • Feel deeply connected to ALLAH via art in a way that fuels everything you do in your life..

  • Start exploring your unhealed pain and emotions in a creative way

  • Receive deep healing questions that help you go further with your insights from your art

  • Use insights from your art, collaging and creativity to provoke healing and growth


The transformational art and journaling healing course is designed to take you from being a creative Muslimah feeling stuck and trapped with her emotions to a sister who can express herself fully, understand her emotions and shine brightly from the soul while nourishing her connection with ALLAH.

Rachel De Souza - Business Mum, UK

"Thank you for a great art session, Maryam – something which I have never done before. I am drawn to creative things but I never really get a great result (not that it worries me)!

I found the instruction on the process (in advance of the coaching session) to be easily understood – but also it was in bite size chinks which is much more manageable for me – I have a full time job and 2 children ad anything that can be broken down like this fits very well. The steps were simple and it was great fun creating my project.

What did I get out of it? Lots!

I think that the things I was feeling on the outskirts/subconscious were brought to the fore which means that I can now deal with them. I found that I had blockages in moving forward with my new business because I had a conflict between my feelings now and when I was younger. I realised I was trying to control my enthusiasm to make this business work and I was being very authoritarian with myself in the attempt to get things done. Maryam advised me to witness my behaviour in this area and to journal on this when it came up. We talked about calming both parts of me down to create a balance and to move forward. I think my authoritarian self who is very strict with me has actually served me in the past but this is now creating problems in my calmer life! I wonder how easily I will let it go – I know I have to but I don’t think it will be easy.

I have an action list to take forward, all of which can be done in time and is very manageable. The instructions are easy to understand and I can see where the benefit will be in doing them. The only thing I really don’t know how to do it how to turn my love for others inwards. This is a long standing sticking point!

Thank you very much for your time it is appreciated! Xx" 

This course will help you:

  • Use art and journaling to let go of anger, resentment, drama, toxicity, and negatitviy that keeps bringing you down
  • Use art to increase your self-love and heal deep wounds.
  • Get creative about uncovering how your subconscious brain is driving your negative patterns in a way only art can do.
  • Create beautiful visual pieces that you can use as actual physical reminders and affirmations of your goals.
  • Use your creative potential to let go of negative beliefs that hold you back from achieving all your goals.
  • Create art that helps you maintain boundaries in your relationships and feel more empowered
  • Create art pieces of your visions oriented around your spiritual center.

STOP lying to yourself, STOP putting yourself down, STOP waiting for THAT day. It will never come!

Invest in yourself now and start your creative healing journey. Allow yourself some fun.

If you want to get arty and heal. Art it out now! Only you can!


Just a few years ago I was feeling trapped inside myself, angry, frustrated and fed up, feeling like I was wasting my potential and not really fulfilling the purpose that ALLAH created me for and feeling resentful towards my family for so many different reasons. I felt like a bird with strong angel type wings trapped in a cage. To make matters worse, my marriage ended in a divorce and I spiraled into grief and depression. That was when I was at my lowest and felt completely alone, lost and full of anger towards the world.

I wanted to heal and make the most of myself but I was so full of negativity and deep negative emotions. I tried so many different things like coaching, EFT, CBT and affirmations which did help but....

I just couldn't release some of those deep emotions and hurt that was inside and I didn't know what to do..

Until one day...

I came across a lady that was offering art and creativity as a doorway to healing, I was dubious to start with but I've always been creative and so I gave it a go.

I was hugely surprised at the results.

From then on, there was no stopping me, once I understood the idea my creativity unleashed itself and I have been using art to:

  • heal deeply buried anger and resentment & improve my relationships
  • to discover my inner parts at play which stop me from making decisions
  • to reflect on Quran and set goals for me
  • to remove negative beliefs that have held me back in my life and business
  • to heal negative money patterns and allow me to earn more, to visualise my future,
  • to heal grief and get in touch with my soul

....and on and on the list goes.

Today I can say that I am so grateful for art and creativity in my life and the part it has played in my healing and growth.

Art has helped me transform my life while unleashing my creativity.

Sadia Akhter - UK

"I would say Maryam's signature element is her 'can do' attitude and her zest for learning and mastering new skills that energises anyone who is around her to do the same. Maryam is a very giving and generous individual mashaALLAH whether it comes to her money or her time and gives selflessly to others in order to help them. She really values her time and strives to fill it in a meaningful way that will be pleasing to ALLAH and I have always found this trait of hers so inspiring."

Right now you have done all you can...


You've tried journaling, you've dabbled with coaching, you've even gone and tried some weird and wonderful things you wouldn't want to acknowledge but some emotions still feel stuck, some blocks are just not shifting.

Listen sis...

You know you are creative. You know your soul is pulling you to do something different, something arty, something fun.

And yes you may be dubious, so was I, until I gave it a go.

And the best bit is with this course you will get all the Islamic reframes and reflections based on the Quran and sunnah that will really help you to understand everything on a deep soul level while increasing your connection with your LORD.

I know there are so many coaches out there and so many courses and so many packages you could try but I really believe that this art course is different.

It's not another one of those programs because I have put all my knowledge, life and soul into making sure this program meets the unique needs of creative soulful Muslimahs like you whose needs cannot be catered by any one and every one and I promise to give you my level best.


'Believe me. I wish I could have had access to an art course of this kind that combined Islamic spirituality and psychology with art and healing when I started my healing journey.'


I had to go through different courses and then do all the work of integrating what I learned about psychology and art with Islamic psychology and learning to make sure it sat well with my internal faith values.

It took me hours and days to do that but I've packaged it all for you in one place here in this course.

I hear you saying...'So, what exactly is ON OFFER?'

With your Transformational Art & Journaling Healing Course, you will get...


51 deeply introspective weekly art and journaling healing exercises with detailed instructions
  • to heal those negative emotions
  • discover the deeper parts of yourself
  • release anger and achieve forgiveness
  • practice mindfulness at the moment
  • visualise your future and set intentions
Personal insightful coaching questions and feedback on each exercise you do directly from me within our Facebook group to help you:
  • gain further insight into your art pieces
  • interpret deeper meanings that may be hidden within the art
  • go deeper with your self probing & journaling
  • travel further into another level of healing
A complete reflection and reframing of the emotional or psychological issue at hand based on Islamic spiritualty and psychology to help you:
  • connect deeply with your soul
  • join the dots that fit into the bigger picture of you being a servant of ALLAH
  • connect with your Rabb and your purpose on this Earth through your emotions
  • understand psychology ad emotions within the context of the Quran and Sunnah
A private Facebook group for you to share your work and journaling to get nurturing support from me and your colleagues and:
  • get inspired by the art pieces of others who are working on the same concepts
  • have a safe space in which to share your deepes art and journaling without judgement
  • receive nurturing empathy, support and feedback from myself and your colleagues
  • feel like part of a community on a journey towards your Rabb
Weekly inspiring quotes related to art and creativity to:  
  • help you feel inspired and get your creative juices flowing.
  • give you permission to release more of the filters you wear when expressing yourself
  • get your mind to make connections between art, healing, and your soul
  • give you more courage in being vulnerable with your art and expression
You get to go at your own pace:  
  • Access o a full membership area with all your exercises, quotes and reframes that you can work through on a weekly basis or at your own pace
  • This is a self-study course with support from me and there is no pressure to finish

STOP lying to yourself, STOP putting yourself down, STOP waiting for THAT day. It will never come!

Invest in yourself now and start your creative healing journey. Allow yourself some fun.

If you want to get arty and heal. Art it out now! Only you can!


  • Either you... 

    Feel inspired and get the nurturing support you need to heal yourself and unleash the creativity hidden inside your soul. 



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