ALLAH’S tawfeeq (enabling of you) is dependent on you.

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2022


Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahuLLAH) said: “The level of the slave’s (sincerity) in his intention, determination, aim, and sincere desire determines ALLAH’s Tawfeeq (i.e., ALLAH’s guidance for a slave and enabling him to act upon it) and HIS aid for him. Aid and assistance from ALLAH descend upon the slaves in accordance with the (sincerity) in their determination.”


Many sisters approach me for advice and help, and I can always see a clear difference between the ones who are going to make a change and do something as opposed to the ones who are not.

The qualities of sisters who are ready for change are:

- they ARE SINCERE in their desire to please their Rabb by improving their life and business

- they TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their situation and business results and realize that the KEY to change is within themselves

- they MAKE a FULL COMMITMENT to doing what it takes to get the change they desire

- they are READY TO INVEST time, resources, and effort into their growth and development


- they KEEP THEMSELVES ACCOUNTABLE by whatever means possible, including high investments in themselves


- they are WILLING TO EXPLORE the false paradigms that keep them away from

the success they desire

- they are WILLING TO UNDERSTAND AND HEAL their emotional trauma that stands in the way of their business success

- they CHOOSE TO LET GO OF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and forgive themselves and others for the sake of their Rabb even if others were at fault.

By doing all that, being committed, and being sincere to themselves and their Rabb, they attract ALLAH’s tawfeeq, and HE then, by HIS favor, enables them to do more good, achieve the success they desire, and attain HIS pleasure.

ALLAH gives tawfeeq according to a person’s effort, intention, sincerity, and level of action.

Tawfeeq isn’t something that is randomly divided between people, so some end up being the *lucky* ones who can do and achieve while others end up being *unlucky*.

The latter is what people who are not ready or willing to make a change use as an excuse. They will say that they cannot have the results they want because ALLAH is not answering their duas or because HE is not giving them tawfeeq (may ALLAH forgive us), but in reality, it is themselves who are not ready to put the effort in or make a change.

And so, the qualities of sisters who are not ready for success in their business are:

- They say they desire to change, but THEY ARE NOT SINCERE in pursuing that change

- They DO NOT TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their situation and want to blame everyone else for everything

- They make a HALF-HEARTED COMMITMENT to their goals and dreams

- They are NOT READY TO INVEST time, resources, and effort into their growth and development

- They want to PROCRASTINATE on taking action and do it later

- They SHY AWAY FROM ACCOUNTABILITY and the measures needed to make it happen

- They want to HOLD ON TO THEIR VICTIM STORY and use it as a defense not to take action

- They are NOT WILLING to explore their WEAKNESSES


- They want to HOLD ON TO THEIR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and make others responsible for them,

instead of taking the responsibility to heal them for their growth and closeness to their Rabb

The result is the lack of effort, action, and sincerity in pursuing success does not bring ALLAH’s tawfeeq, and so they remain stuck in the situation they are in without anything changing.

So my dear sister, be among the first group and attract ALLAH’s tawfeeq to yourself for the success you desire in your business.

It’s never too late! Even if you have been in the second group until now, make today the day you switch. Make today the day you change so that you can start growing, healing, and living your best life before you meet your Rabb, and attract your Rabb’s assistance and tawfeeq in unleashing that potential and achieving those dreams you hide within yourself.

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