Let Go of Your Old Caterpillar Shell and Fly

healing Jun 29, 2022

As you grow and heal, you will become more powerful, you will learn how to fly, you will learn how to soar and you will learn how to connect more powerfully with your LORD..

And as you do that, the old caterpillar shell that was your home will begin to feel constricted, tight and trapping.

It will feel like it is blocking you from your true potential and who you want to be. You will feel your butterfly wings asking you to fly. You will know that you can fly and that you can soar.

But fear will hold you back, fear of what is outside the shell, fear of leaving your safety zone, fear of going somewhere you’ve never been before and fear of falling if you fly.

However, you have to realise that the only way for you to fly is to leave that place of safety; leave the caterpillar shell...because yes, it did once have a purpose; It protected you, it kept you safe, it allowed you to grow inside it, it allowed you to become a better you that can now fly, but you have to realise that it has now served its purpose.

You have to realise that it is no longer needed. You have to realise that you can now use your wings and support yourself without the shell.

You have to realise that you’ve learnt everything you could have learnt within the shell but now is the time to go and explore the big wide world out there and experience something further and grow a bit more stronger and a bit more wiser.

You have to realise that and you have to take that leap of flying towards a new you, new learning, new growth and a new life with your wings.

You can’t just sit in the incubator and ignore what is out there. You can’t hibernate in your safety zone. You can’t be stagnant just because you feel safe.

You have to make the choice to let go of the shell even though it did serve you so far and fly towards a new horizon, a new beginning and a new you.

That also means you have to create a new story, a new paradigm, new thoughts and new ideas of who you are, what you can do, how you can live and what you are capable of.

Every time you want to create something new, be someone new, rise to the next level, or fly and soar to your highest potential, you have to let go of the old shell.

The old shell is made up of:

- the old idea of who you are and what you are capable of

- the old attachments you had that are no longer serving you

- the old thought patterns that are no longer in alignment with you

- the old feelings that have been felt and learnt from and are no longer needed in order for you to grow

- the old mindset that doesn’t help you to fly further than you already have

- the old stories that you have told yourself about how life’s not fair and why you can’t do what you want to do

And even...

- some of the old people that are only keeping you tied up in the shell and not encouraging you to fly

You have to let go of the caterpillar shell you were in and create a new story and a new home that allows you to grow and thrive further.


...recognising what your caterpillar shell is made of right now in this moment.


The caterpillar shell doesn’t stay the same, it keeps changing.


The new shell you built last time becomes the old shell you need to escape from NOW.

So ask yourself and share with me...


Is it an old negative belief?

Is it an old image you have of yourself?

Is it your hesitance to get the help you need?

Is it your insistence to keep doing DIY like you have been for the last 5-10 years?

Is it an old emotion?

Is it an outgrown ‘friend’ that isn’t helping?

Is it an old self-sabotaging habit?

What is it?