The Story of The Needle That Was Lost

guidance healing stories Jun 22, 2022

 I sat there with my two plaits, one on each side with a parting in the middle, wearing a green dress with a swirling pattern on it. I sat at my grandma's feet, pressing her legs, along with my cousins and my sisters. We all wanted one thing. We wanted to hear another one of ammaji's stories. We sweetly pleaded until she complied and this is how the story went...

It was a dark night, two people were walking down a lonely cobblestone street when they saw a third bending over frantically searching the floor - it was obvious he had lost something. He anxiously moved around, kneeling with his nose almost touching the floor searching around a lamp post.

They asked him; 'What are you looking for?'

He worriedly replied: 'I dropped my needle and it’s the last one I have.'

They decided to help him and started searching as well. After a long time of looking in the dim light of the lamppost and not finding the needle, one of them questioned; 'Where did you drop the needle?'

He replied; 'Somewhere near my feet.'

They persevered in looking and searching but they still couldn't find the needle. After a while, exasperated the younger one once again asked:

'Exactly where were you standing when you dropped it because we've been looking everywhere and it doesn't seem to be here.'

He casually replied; 'Oh I was standing in the barn in between the hay.'

They looked at him dumbfounded and the older one exclaimed: 'If you dropped it in the barn, why are you wasting our and your time looking for it here on the street?'

He simply answered; 'There was no light in the barn  and I couldn't see so I thought I'll look here instead, under the light.'


Obviously, as children we all laughed and thoroughly enjoyed grandma’s story.

Funny story yeh? Well, I thought it was hilarious when I was a child, but today I was reflecting on it and I realised that's what we all do.

We look for things we don't have in the wrong place and so it's no wonder that we never find them.

Instead of looking for approval within ourselves, we try to find it in others.

Instead of looking for love within ourselves and from our Rabb, we try to find it outside of ourselves.

Instead of looking for respect within ourselves and working towards having respect with our Rabb, we try to find respect in our jobs, in our status and in our money.

Instead of looking for self-worth within ourselves as slaves of ALLAH, we look for it in our weight, in our job, in people’s approval or the success of our goals.

Instead of looking for wealth and abundance within ourselves and from our Rabb, we look for it in the numbers on our bank statement and the amount of cash in our pocket.

Instead of finding sincerity within ourselves, we look to receive it from others.

Instead of finding purpose and direction within ourselves to please our Rabb, we try to find it in the next guru, the next book, and the next blog we read.

Instead of finding devotion and sincerity to ALLAH in our hearts, we look for it in our outward actions and our words.

Today I want to tell you to stop looking for the needle where it seems easier to find, and instead look for it where it actually is!

If you want me to help you on your journey of connecting with your soul, connecting with your LORD, finding and being your true self and living your purpose and your truth unreservedly with self-assuredness, self-confidence and full of self-love, then send me a message now.

Let us find the real you, the you that is hiding within yourself