What Have Feelings And Focus Got To Do With Goals?

goals Sep 23, 2022

I was on a coaching call with a client 2 days ago.

Before we started she was in fear, panic, anxiety, and overwhelm, blurting out thoughts at 100 miles per hour,  and knew how ‘doom’ was coming in every possible way in a particular situation. I had to remind her to breathe for us to actually start the session.

So, we had the session and we changed the feelings by changing the focus.

I helped her release the negative, dig deeper into the fear that was paralyzing her, and literally transform the way she was looking at the situation and focus on a different angle.

At the end of the 1-hour session, she was a transformed woman and described herself as feeling calm, relaxed, happy, and fully empowered about her plan of action.

She even looked like a transformed woman; standing tall with a big smile, full of energy and excitement.


‘It’s all in the mind’. Literally!

Your mind looks for evidence to support your feelings, it answers your questions and achieves whatever you imagine for you. Your mind is your slave.

You can literally plant an idea in your mind, focus on it, feel a certain way about it and your mind will start a chain reaction towards achieving it without much effort on your part.

An unconscious automatic process will ensure that will bring your idea to life, positive or negative, depending on how you feel.

To achieve a positive outcome, you have to start with positive feelings, and the way you feel is determined by what you think and what you focus on.

So, it becomes vitally important that you don’t let your thoughts wander aimlessly but that you decide what you’re going to focus on and direct your thoughts.

When you focus your thoughts and feelings on positive outcomes,  your mind will literally start showing you opportunities that were always there but you just failed to notice, to have more of what you want.

If I asked you why you are having the worst time of your life right now, your mind will start looking for answers to support that thought and you will feel rotten.

If I ask you why you are having the best time of your life right now, your mind will start looking for answers and provide evidence for that and you will feel better.

If you don’t believe me,  just try it by answering both questions.

If you keep saying to yourself, I hate the way I never have enough money, I hate the way my spouse makes a mess all the time or I hate the way I’m so fat,  your mind will come to your aid within seconds and give you all the evidence collected in its library to support your claims and not only that,  it will help you maintain that situation too.

So start now!

Consciously plan what you’re going to think.

Consciously decide what you’re going to feel.

Ask yourself POWERFUL questions.

Speak more POWERFUL words.


Why am I such a blessed person?

What miracles am I expecting to come my way?

Why is today the most amazing day of my life?

What kind of abundance is coming to me now?

Your mind will get to work straight away.

It is like Aladdin’s genie. It always says ‘your wish is my command’.


Change the FOCUS NOW. Have an AMAZING DAY.