The unmet potential hiding inside and the dreams you long for are all waiting on the other side of your healing & deep connection with your LORD.


Are you ready to finally break the old patterns that have been holding you back?

The Healing and Thriving Garden

  • Feel broken, lost and confused even though you have big dreams?
  • Do you ever wish you had a circle of like minded spiritual sisters cheering you on and sharing your journey of growth with you?
  • Want to have better relationships?
  • Ever wonder how to balance all your emotions and take care of yourself without succumbing to new age psychology and losing your spiritual connection?
  • This is the answer to all your questions, you will heal, grow and become deeply connected to your LORD while being supported by a nurturing sisterhood.

Transformational Divine Self Care Program

  • Ever feel like you've lost your soul in the busy-ness of life; work, child care, house chores, relational duties?
  • Like there's no time to sit down, reflect and hear your own thoughts?
  • Running form one thing to the next, exhausted, tired and spiritually depleted?
  • Always doing for everyone else and compromising your own needs and your big dreams?
  • Like the only purpose of your life is the role you play in your relationships as daughter, wife and mother?
  • Wishing you could unlock that hidden potential within and be the larger than life you?
  • Feeling guilty for wanting more and thinking that self care is not aligned with Islam?
  • This program which is inspired by the Quran and Sunnah is for you sis.

Transformational Spiritual Art Healing Course

  • 51 deeply introspective weekly art and journaling healing exercises with detailed instructions
  • Personal insightful coaching questions and feedback on each exercise you do directly from me within our Facebook group to help you
  • A complete reflection and reframing of the emotional or psychological issue at hand based on Islamic spirituality and psychology to help you
  • A private Facebook group for you to share your work and journaling to get nurturing support from me and your colleagues
  • Weekly inspiring quotes related to art and creativity
  • You get to go at your own pace

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