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From Lalla Cisse:

This program is a soul journey with Sr.Maryam...


From Misbah:

The program is a blessing...



Dr. Maryam's content and her connection to Allah(SWT) resonated alot with who I am as a person and I felt she is the right person to help and support me. Dr Maryam's way of connecting with her client is amazing. She uses verses of the Quran and hadeeth to show you what Allah(SWT) plans for you and how what we feel is pinned down to our mindset and how we think of Allah(swt). Her coaching allowed me to deepen my connection with Allah(swt) more. I feel more connected to Allah(swt) and my tawwakul has increased even more than before. I feel more grateful to Allah(swt) for every good and bad which has occurred in my life. I now thank Allah(swt) every day and feel abundance in everything he has bestowed for me. I now have the ability to notice my emotions when I feel low or anxious I then use journaling to highlight why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling. I can now understand my emotions better and use various tools to ease my emotions.

I treat myself with more love and compassion. I feel I am worthy because I am a creation of my Lord and I feel I should not devalue my worth. I realized no one is perfect as we all are flawed and I now care alot about my emotional, mental, and physical well-being than I did ever before.
I started to go for walks regularly, I take me time to reflect and rest my body. I also started to look after myself again and do things that connect with my soul. My self-confidence has increased as well as my self-esteem. I feel more blessed for every challenge and trial that I have been through which has made me more confident in the way I approach things. I now take challenges and try to go out of my comfort zone to develop myself as a better servant of my Lord. I realized my approach to seeing and thinking has changed alot. I now set my belief in Allah(swt) in every task I do and not be upset if something does not work my way. I also realized that the way we think and set beliefs in ourselves is not always the correct way and we should always think highly of Allah(swt).

My relationship has improved and I now take more control of forgiving people who have done me wrong.. My time management has improved in which I devote my time for personal self-care and set my self goals to achieve. have started on my journey on becoming a coach now and have been loving the journey of self-development. I also been finding new hobbies which I started to enjoy such as baking, photography and art. I have started to set more goals to work on and get more out of my comfort zone. It was a wonderful experience working with Dr.Maryam

LC, France

Working with Maryam was a life changing experience.

I have released so much tension and emotional pain from inside of and I have started journaling and analyzing my thoughts and I found out that I had to slow down literally and be in the moment SoubhanAllah. I was living my life like a Duracell rabbit. And thinking that the society wanted me to live a certain way while I was living my life on a fast mode and not being aware of the things around me, not being aware of my feelings and thoughts. I didn’t know what clearing those blocks and healing my deep emotions would do for me. I am now more in touch with myself, my body and my soul. I have decided to listen more to my body and myself. I’ve gained so many new insights in my personal life and career to finally achieve my goals.

Maryam has the ability to connect with her clients at a deep soul level mashaAllah. After our coaching sessions I always feel so relieved and I am able to put things in perspective alhamdullilah. She is so amazing and gifted mashaAllah tbarkAllah. Whenever I have a session with her I get new insights and strategies that have helped me achieve miracles in my life alhamdullilah and that’s not an exaggeration. I was broken, single, lonely and stuck in a job I hated. I kept thinking about all my dreams and didn’t know how to make them happen. I felt they were impossible but after working with Maryam and using the tools she gave me so much changed in my life. I found my ideal spouse and got married, I left the job that was making me miserable and by ALLAH’s mercy found a much more happier job and started my online business which was my dream since forever. Maryam’s tips on how to heal myself, how to think, how to make dua and vision boarding helped me get my dream apartment and it was exactly the way I had imagined it. I just couldn’t believe how all these things happened for me after just a few coaching sessions. Maryam was encouraging during my spiritual journey, I felt that she understood me where I came from and where I could go to soubhanAllah. I felt so connected with Allah swt after working with her. I am so glad that Allah swt brought her on my path, alhamdullilah. Where I thought things were impossible Allah swt made it POSSIBLE and Maryam showed me how soubhanAllah. May Allah swt bless you continuously sis. ameen. You are an amazing person. I thank Allah for having put you on my path.




HB, Belgium

I want to take the time to thank you for everything you've done for me. Since the first time I joined the group, I got a very warm feeling. And your introduction post touched and inspired me. Al hamdulillah. You inspired me very much, Allahumma barik. You showed me that a muslimwoman with niqab/hidjab can be open mined, strong, firm in the deen, deeply connected with Allah, healthy, wealthy, a businneswoman,and a high achieving goalsetter. I am glad to know you. Al hamdulillah that you use the quran and the sunnah as the foundation in your posts, videos, coaching, Al hamdulillah. Djazaaki Allahu khayran.

First of all, I thank Allah, Al-Latief, Al-Kariem, Al-Wahhaabn that He brought you on my path and that He used you as the sabab for all what I have learned and achieved al hamdulillah.

I still remember that I got so much energy from your challenges, all your work and most of all your, coaching sessions. I felt the barakah ma cha Allah. My soul felt your message to the next level al hamdulillah. When I did the soul challenge and connected to my pain, I felt so much pain from my soul, and it was the first time in long times that I sent down and talked to myself and I asked my self why am I hurting and what my pain/soul wanted. My soul felt heard and that was the beginning of my journey.

You encourage us to live from the soul and you care so much about your muslimsisters Allahumma barik. I feel your passion, I feel your love, I feel your sincerity in helping sisters to become a better version from themselves. You shared so much knowledge. so much advice and tips, Allahumma barik! Thank you for that.

Writing down my bad thoughts, and asking them and replace them to the opposite or seeking evidence that they are false, helped me a lot al hamdulillah. I realized that is just the shaytan who puts this thoughts in my head, to stop me from achieving my amazing dreams. Djazaaki Allahu khayran for sharing knowledge about the tricks of Shaytan and how to deal with them.

Sister I can go on and on about how you benefitted me helped me, motivated, inspired me and through your coaching and all the insights I got. Al hamdulillahi Rabbil 3alamien. May Allah help you to achieve all your amazing dreams. and may Allah reward you with the best in this dunya, and the hereafter. May Allah always bless you, make you happy, protect you and help you, and guide you and love you.


ZQ, Australia

I was nervous and sat on the bench for a bit and was quite scared to take these steps and book onto life coaching sessions. I've never invested money on myself. When you spend money on something that isn't a physical item I think it's harder but alhamdulillah honestly I am so so glad I did this. It was one of the best investments I have made for myself. If you are hesitant about this don't be. Take that first step. From the onset sister Maryam digged deep. She had an amazing holistic approach to help tackle my underlying issues. She combined Islam and her psychological knowledge to really understand my deeper issues. I love the way she focuses on Allah set and as a muslimah I can really connect. I cannot believe in just 3 coaching sessions the difference it has made to me alhamdulillah.. I have techniques I can use for life now to help me and I am able to alhamdulillah control my emotions better and have better self awareness . My compassion towards myself and self care and self love have increased and my feelings of guilt decreased. Alhamdullilah sister Maryam genuinely cares about her clients and is one of a kind.

I wrote this poem after conquering a very long standing challenge in my life for which Maryam was the catalyst:

“What once seemed like a distant dream I conquered,
That kept me away from my sweet sleep,
..It completely overtook me
Made my heart race, my head spin
BUT I didn’t let it win…
I conquered

Thoughts entered my clounded mind,
I was so lost that I could not try,
Yet, I conquered.

He guided me, my Rabb, to achieve
He gave me strength and changed my belief
Which was once an impossibility
Is now achieved
My Rabb
He helped me conquer it.”


Rachel D Souza, UK

"Thank you for a great art session, Maryam – something which I have never done before. I am drawn to creative things but I never really get a great result (not that it worries me)!
I found the instruction on the process (in advance of the coaching session) to be easily understood – but also it was in bite size chinks which is much more manageable for me – I have a full time job and 2 children ad anything that can be broken down like this fits very well. The steps were simple and it was great fun creating my project.
What did I get out of it? Lots!
I think that the things I was feeling on the outskirts/subconscious were brought to the fore which means that I can now deal with them. I found that I had blockages in moving forward with my new business because I had conflict between my feelings now and when I was younger. I realised I was trying to control my enthusiasm to make this business work and I was being very authoritarian with myself in the attempt to get things done. Maryam advised me to witness my behaviour in this area and to journal on this when it came up. We talked about calming both parts of me down to create a balance and to move forward. I think my authoritarian self who is very strict with me has actually served me in the past but this is now creating problems in my calmer life! I wonder how easily I will let it go – I know I have to but I don’t think it will be easy.
I have an action list to take forward, all of which can be done in time and is very manageable. The instructions are easy to understand and I can see where the benefit will be in doing them. The only thing I really don’t know how to do it how to turn my love for others inwards. This is a long standing sticking point!
Thank you very much for your time it is appreciated! Xx"







Siti Noor, Indonesia

I knew Maryam through Facebook when I came across her live Facebook and it came at the right time when I needed a change in my life. I decided to take coaching with her and I felt so comfortable sharing some really sensitive issues because she is so responsible and makes you feel so comfortable. She walked through things together with me and if I had any questions she would answer them according to the Quran and sunnah and explain psychological concepts in that way which was different to anything I had seen before. There is a lot of coaching online but I chose Maryam because I realised after a few sessions and workshops with her, that the transformation that occurred was at a deep soul level and building that foundation from inside out is really something that everyone must do. All the while I thought I can get all the motivation I need by just reading motivational books and applying them in my life but I still felt something was missing and it was only after coaching with Maryam that I realised I needed to nourish my soul first. Her materials and methods that she used alongside and during coaching always relate back to the teachings of the Quran and sunnah which really touched me at a soul level. I learnt to give importance to myself and how to renew self-love which is important to ones self. She helped me make a deep connection with Allah which is the only guarantee for success in the Duniya and akhirah. My favourite workshop with her is The Dare to Dream Workshop in which I learn about visualization, setting goals and doing my own vision board. I absolutely loved it! It was a truly powerful lesson and workshop.



Alhamdulillah my 1 hour session with sis Maryam was just amazing, really beyond my expectations.

I've taken many of these coaching sessions before and usually they give you very little practical steps to take, and it's more about actually getting you to commit to the coaching you long term.

I was pleasantly suprised to learn so so much about our negative voices and the stories we tell ourself, about neuroscience and how the brain works and I was given so many practical tips to work on that I am sure if I were just to focus on those I would see changes in my life.

If a 1-hour session was like that I can only imagine what long-term coaching with Sis Maryam would look like. I'm really grateful for the opportunity I had to talk with her and look forward to learning from her more in the future.









Zahra Parveen, UK

"Working with Maryam is amazing. She is so focused, passionate and driven in her goals. She is also very resourceful and supportive in helping you achieve your goals. I have never spoken to someone as disciplined and positive as Maryam. She is one great person that you are blessed to connect with. AlhamduliLLAH."


Sadia Akhter, UK

"I would say Maryam's signature element is her 'can do' attitude and her zest for learning and mastering new skills that energises anyone who is around her to do the same. Maryam is a very giving and generous individual mashaALLAH whether it comes to her money or her time she gives selflessly to others in order to help them. She really values her time and strives to fill it in a meaningful way that will be pleasing to ALLAH and I have always found this trait of hers so inspiring."


I am known with Maryam Akram and the depths of her services and the positive impact of it alhamdulillah, May Allah blesses it. The depths, the amount of service, knowledge, the passion she has, and patience in serving us al alhamdulillah. And the foundation is Islam. I have had amazing changes in my relationship with Allah, more focused on my personal development, I started a Quran journal and continued to memorize surah al baqarah and I memorized almost 80 new ayaat al alhamdulillah. I started praying tahhajud now. I was more happy and content as I was taking better care of myself, I felt more confident, The specific modules helped me to manage my emotions better, and also the help and feedback of Maryam were very helpful alhamdulillah. I felt understood and not judged. 

Alhamdulillah, a lot of changes in my self-esteem too. From depression to hope and the ability to believe and dream big again al hamdulillah. I am so grateful for this program and it was so worth it. I am happier, fulfilled, I have better energy and I could give more and share my vibe with like-minded people.





Mehraj Hussain

Sis Maryam's writeups or posts resonated soo well with me. It was as though someone is expressing my feelings n circumstances through words. Her journey filled me with hope. And the best of all is the fact that she connects everything back to Allah SWT and is an Imaan booster. I'm grateful to have found her page. Her constant reminders about Allah SWT fill my heart with awe and hope for His mercy.  I have started to communicate my problems to Allah SWT and turn to him not just in hardship but also in thankfulness. I knew Islam is a way of life but her sessions made me become more aware n mindful about it. I am more compassionate towards myself. Earlier I would beat myself up for everything and today that has drastically reduced. I now laud myself for every small achievement and turn in gratitude to my Rab. Have started journaling which has been of help.. have become aware of my negative patterns. And realized we are all worthy enough just the way Allah created us. I'm much more confident than I was earlier. I have reduced the 'comparing' to great extent and try to live my life truly authentic to who I am which was not the case before. 

I try to think more optimistically and speak in a positive tone which I learned from her. I'm choosing positive self-talk rather than negative self chatter. I am trying to set clear boundaries ( still a work in progress) n learning to say no without feeling guilty. Not trying to be a people pleaser. A detailed explanation of each topic and her positive motivation. Her sessions are certainly Imaan boosters Alhamdulillah.


The way Maryam made me rethink and challenge my negative thoughts. That was particularly powerful. Making me connect with the inner child in me as well. Helping me to accept my feelings and bring all the pain to the surface. The difference between her program and others was the religious angle she bought to the coaching and her qualifications.
I feel closer to Allah although I feel I have a long way to go to get the level of closeness I truly want and I do feel that my level of submission is deeper than it has been for a long time.

I prioritize myself more now and I follow my passions and desires far more than I did. I let everything and everyone restrict me before. I didn’t realize how important I was to my own story. I have started running which has been a huge blessing in my life. I find it mentally really powerful. My self-confidence, self-esteem, self-care all has gone up. I do dip sometimes but I have better coping mechanisms like listing what I appreciate about myself and what I am celebrating. I communicate better with others - particularly about how I feel. I also respect others’ emotions more, especially those of my children. I have become more positive about my ability in business too.




When I watched her video it was like she knew what I was going through, she spoke from her heart and I felt immediately connected to her. The most I loved about her was the fact that she gave more than I needed, she gave more time and I loved the tasks. I am more authentic and mindful in my relationship with Allah SWT. I got to understand myself SoubhanAllah I got to analyze my patterns and understand where my emotional outburst came from. I understood that it was ok for me to feel like these and that there is a safe place to express them (journal and tapping). I treat myself more gently, kind, and decisive. I feel assured and I have compassion towards myself.
I released tension by tapping and I love the exercise where I got to thank my legs (they hurt a lot and they tingled) SoubhanAllah Now they are not. I even forgot that they hurt!
I have become decisive and calm. I even got rid of toxic people not feeling guilty about it anymore. I have shifted to a new house, better understanding with my hubby, moved to another city, working on my coaching goal. I even have started to show my face to be vulnerable. I am so grateful for this program.




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