As-Salaamu Alaykum

 and a very warm welcome to the 

Transformational Divine Self Care Course

Within the Framework of Islamic Spirituality & Psychology

Did calm, joy and balance just slip through the cracks of your busy life where 'must do's' outweigh the 'would love to's'?

Today I invite you to PAUSE...

Let go of all that is not serving you in becoming the best version of yourself on your path to ALLAH (subhana huwa talaa).

So, you can completely own yourself, stand in your own power, in your own dignity and own your self-respect.

Feel nourished, that allows you to grow, and show up as

your best self in your relationships and at work.

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Stop being the yes girl and saying yes to everyone else, but no to yourself and your soul.

Stop leaving your dreams and God-given potential to the side because you are too busy being and doing, for everyone else.

ALLAH (subhana huwa talaa) wants you to be spiritually connected, emotionally fulfilled, phyiscally energised and live as the best version of yourself in worship of HIM.

You have the right to dignity because ALLAH (Subhana huwa talaa) has given you the right.

I see too many Muslim women feeling emotionally and spiritually depleted and exhausted because the feel bad about doing anything for themselves.

...and the worst thing is they think that is what ALLAH (Subhana huwa talaa) wants from them. They think they are beign pious by denying all their right over themselves when the truth is the aboslute opposite!

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Imagine if you could:

  • never again feel guilty for doing something for yourself because you let your self care and self love be driven by your connection to ALLAH.
  • love ALLAH and feel happy, joyful and content with the amazing gift of you that HE has given you. 
  • have a level of self respect and self confidence that allows you to set the boundaries you need in order to have balanced relationships that add to your life on a daily basis.
  • let go of the way you are always hating yourself and being critical of yourself which doesn't help you achieve anything and makes you feel worse
  • create new healthy eating and exercise habits because you decided to start loving yourself and taking care of yourself like you're really worth it. 
  • change your relationship with money so you can stop self-sabotaging your own financial freedom. 
  • never feel awkward about saying 'No' and have clear boundaries in all your relationships whether at or at home.
  • start building new routines and new habits that help you achieve care for your heart, body, mind and soul.  

The Transformational Divine Self Care Course is designed to take you from being a Muslimah feeling stuck and trapped not knowing why she can't unleash her talent , to a sister whose soul shines bright and is nourished by her connection with ALLAH.

Coaching and Psychological Concepts Based directly on the Quran and Sunnah

  • Direct Quranic and Hadith References to guide you through your journey
  • No need to feel like you are compromising your deen by starting this kind of personal development work.
  • No need to worry about being brainwashed into non-Muslim psychology that might affect your akhirah.
  • Teachings and concepts directly from hadith and scholars like Ibn Al-Qayyim and Imam Ghazali.

Powerful Journaling Prompts to Dig Deeper and Explore Your Underlying Emotions and Blocks

  • Using powerful journaling and self-discovery to heal some of those subconscious beliefs and emotions
  • Journling prompts and exercises for self-discovery, expression and healing


Guided Meditations, Spiritual Prompts, Duas and Mind-Body Methods to Use for Your Self Care and Healing

  • Guided meditations on healing pain connecting to your soul, gratitude and other areas of life. 
  • Special duas for different situations and how you can start using them to help you and improve your situation.
  • How to connect more lovingly to your body and various tools to achieve that.

Allow Yourself Some Divine Self-Care

Invest in yourself now and start that journey towards loving and caring for yourself today.

Life time Access
The beauty of this course is that it can be done by anyone, no matter how busy their life is. You can work at your own pace & go through it as fast or as slow as you want! You have access to all the videos, guided meditations, journaling prompts, healing and self discovery exercises for the REST of your life.
Support through a Group

You don't have to work through all of this alone! With this course you get free access to a Facebook support group on which many other soul searching women get together to share their insights. It is a safe space for each of us to express our deepest thoughts and to seek and offer support creating a beautiful sisterhood.

A Chance To Dig Deep

This course has been designed with the focal point being that everything will help you to connect with ALLAH (swt) and His Prophet (saw). The video trainings, the spiritual and jornaling prompts etc will all help you to unlock your deepest self and truly connect your self care to your spiritual purpose.


30 Module Guide

Module 1 - Letting go of Overwhelm

Module 2 - Releasing the Inner Critic

Module 3 - Love and Gratitude for the Body

Module 4 - Take a Moment for Yourself

Module 5 - Protecting Your Self

Module 6 - Saying 'No' in order to say 'Yes' to yourself

Module 7 - Thanking ALLAH (swt) for the gift of you.

Module 8 - Reduce Your Burden 

Module 9 - Using your Energy for You

Module 10 - Cry

Module 11 - Heal your Inner Little Girl

Module 12 - Celebrating your Achievements

Module 13 - Nourishing Sleep

Module 14 - Nourishing Nurture 

Module 15 - Reframing 'Selfish'

Module 16 - Inviting the Love of ALLAH

Module 17 - Forgive Yourself

Module 18 - Forgive Others

Module 19 - Do Not Compare

Module 20 - How to Stop People Pleasing

Module 21 - Love Yourself As a Whole 

Module 22 - Let go of being a Superwoman

Module 23 - Allow Ease

Module 24 - Allow Fun and Relaxation

Module 25 - Give Yourself Permission

Module 26 - Ask for Help

Module 27 - Taking Care of the Body

Module 28 - Get Mentioned by ALLAH

Module 29 - Don’t Give What You Don’t Have

Module 30 - Step Out

Transformational Divine Self Care

Stop. Breathe. Reflect.  Journal. Connect. Love You & Be You.

Because ALLAH created you deserving of all of that.
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If your soul is calling you, then don't over think. 

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